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Community Guidelines
Bored Panda Community Guidelines

Bored Panda is a leading art, design, and photography community that is open for everyone. You can submit your work and stories by using our submission platform and we will help you turn your stories into must-see viral content.

To make this a truly positive experience for every member, we require our users to follow our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

  • Only submit content that you’ve created or have the right/permission to share.

    Our submission platform is dedicated to creators showcasing their own work. For that reason, we do not allow content that’s copied or collected from the internet without explicit permission from the creator to share his or her work. We also ask users to respect the intellectual property rights of other creators who might not be on our platform.

  • When submitting a new post, make sure to:
    • Upload high-quality photos. The ideal image size is more than 1000px.
    • Avoid watermarks. Photos with ugly watermarks will not be approved.
  • Avoid blatant self-promotion.

    Active promotion of goods or services in the title, description and headings is not allowed. However, feel free to add links to your website and social media accounts - they will be displayed under the post description.

  • Avoid spamming.

    Spammy posts and comments are strictly against our platform guidelines. Individuals risk their account being suspended if they fail to follow this rule.

  • Respect other community members.

    Disagreements happen and are completely normal as long as each side is staying respectful. However, making continuous, repetitive, or severe negative comments towards a person is considered harassment. We do not condone any type of harassment within our platform. Users who organize, promote, or participate in harassing another member of the community will risk getting their accounts permanently banned.

  • Avoid trolling and/or using inflammatory speech on sensitive topics.

    Bored Panda covers dozens of ambiguous and controversial topics. Our community is large, and many people have different experiences about the issues covered. We ask users to think of how others may feel before writing their opinion. Individuals who intentionally use inflammatory language will be warned and suspended if the offense is repeated.

  • Do not use any form of hate speech.

    We find it unacceptable to use any form of expression intended to vilify, humiliate, or incite hatred. This includes any form of hate speech against a group or a class of people on the basis of race, religion, skin color, sexual identity, gender identity, ethnicity, disability, or national origin.

  • Do not share inappropriate content.

    We do not condone any content and/or comments depicting gore, excessive violence, animal cruelty, pornography, etc. User names, display names, and the content of users’ profiles must abide by our Community Guidelines.

  • Do not impersonate other people.

    We strictly forbid any kind of impersonation of Bored Panda staff. We also do not permit falsely identifying oneself as another individual or group within the community with the intention of defamation.

  • Reported comments will result in penalties.

    If a comment receives 10 separate user reports based on any of the categories such as hate speech, trolling, spam, etc., your account may be subject to permanent suspension from commenting. Our community relies on user reporting to moderate content, and we take reports seriously to ensure a safe and respectful space for all users. Therefore, we encourage our users to report any comments that violate our guidelines

We hope that these guidelines will help you navigate through our community and we appreciate your efforts in keeping Bored Panda a safe and positive place for everyone involved.

If you have any further questions, or if you believe someone in the community is possibly violating the rules stated above, then please do not hesitate to reach out to our moderation team via our Contact Us form or send us an email over to