I am visiting family in New York this December, and I'm so exited to see a show on Broadway! (I'm thinking about either Sweeney Todd or Hadestown)


I did ballet and competition dance for 6 years when I was first discovering my love for theater. After that, I moved on to school plays and community theater, etc. etc. I was recently called in by the director of The Nutcracker to audition for the big bad Mouse King. I used to do an annual production of The Nutcracker with the same director, and it was really special to return and do what I love. (While wearing a giant mouse crown and fat suit.)



I got to see Six in London! It was a really fun show, and the music and costumes were incredible.



In a theater festival, I watched a play called "The Three Samurai". Basically, it was "The Three Musketeers" transposed into 17th century Japan. Close to the original, historically accurate, well written and well played. There was even sword fights on the stage!



My best theater experience? Being in my schools production of Almost, Maine my freshman year. I was the waitress and Marci! Screaming at Phil on a stage in front of adults was amazing. Im in drama again this year! And better yet, I'm going to be a thespian soon!



I got to see 1984 on Broadway. It was gritty, gory, and I was constantly on the edge of my seat even though I've read the book. They pulled off the ending really well. Hats off to the production team.



I only went to the theatre once and it was a play for kids abotu Jack and the Beanstalk, it was very awkward but the kid I was babysitting liked it so I'm happy with the experience



I was in a Play called Characters last year. The play itself was pretty sucky, didn’t make much sense, and had its fair amount of plot holes. But the cast was small, (thirteen in total) and there is really no bond quite like the bond you get seeing the same dozen people four days a week, three hours a day for two and a half months and putting together a performance. I had so much fun with the character I was playing not gonna lie, and some of the scenes were so fun to perform. Would love to go back and do it again 🩷



I loved being the stage manager for my schools production of Battle of the Bands when I was in year 12. It was especially good because my drama teacher had doubted I would be any good at it, because I am often quiet in class, but he had to admit afterwards it went well. Only downside was having to constantly tell year 9s to be quiet in the wings :)


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if we're talking about performing, it was definitely These Shining Lives, which my school did last year for our one act play competition. the best show i've seen was mean girls when it came to dallas last year



Hmm. I saw Broadway's the lion king. Amazing show but here's the kicker. The day after I went, the show shut down cause of the pandemic. (At least in my city) 1000000/10 would do again



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