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So I tried twice. First time, I went "Hey, [classmate's name] was kind of right." (she had said we'd make a cute couple), and he went "About?" and I said "Us." and he went "Oh yeah, agreed."

Around two weeks later I mentioned that I confessed in passing, and he goes "wait what-". Apparently he didn't realize I confessed lmao-although he liked me back and we're semi-dating now.



Didn't have to, because he asked me first.🤣



I just say "hi, I think you're cute and was wondering if you wanna go out together?", its simple but it works every time :D



I didn’t! *drum and cymbal sounds*



We worked together. She needed a ride home, so I offered to if she couldn't find anyone to take her home. I ended up giving her a ride home which she didn't want to go because of family issues. We pulled up to her house, she didn't want to get out, so I asked her if she wanted to get something to eat. Almost 5 years married now :D



well with my ex, we both knew we liked each other so during study hall i was passing notes with my friends on how to ask him out. we brainstormed all these things and none of them were me. and then I realised a genius idea.
i decided to give him the piece of paper we'd been passing around and write "so as you can see, I thought about this a lot. i'm too chicken to ask to your face so I'll write it here...what do you think?" and he read it while my friend creepily watched him (he smiled she said) and then he said yes.



didn't, he asked me. in the most un romantic but adorable way possible. he goes (and I quote) hey so ik that we've been talking for a while and stuff but uh we're not like officially together so do u wanna be?



I met him at my job at a convenience store where he was a regular customer. We'd talk for a bit, we had a good rapport so after several months later I decided I'd give him my number the next time he came in. He came in as I was about to close up the store after a horrible day. I really wanted to get home and wasn't in the mood to linger and talk. So, I wrote down my number, gave it to him. I told him to 'give me a call and we're closed so get out'. Not quite how i wanted to say that haha, but that was 11 years ago and we're still together. 😁


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I probably shouldn’t because they like to agree to things just to avoid hurting people’s feelings so I don’t want to accidentally take advantage of them :/

So I’ll to compliments and occasionally having my arm around them while we’re walking, and I’m buying them a chocolate milk tomorrow because they love chocolate



It was absolutely magical, but it started out really awkward. Our parents are both kind of friends with this one other couple, and one time both of our families were invited to that other couple's house for a party with some other families. Our families weren't as close as the others, so all the other kids already knew each other and were doing their own thing. So the two of us just kind of sat in one corner while everyone else did their thing. And so we talked a little, about school, sibling drama, hopes, dreams, when I decided to be brave and told her. Against all odds, she said she liked me back!

Well that was a fun situation to imagine, maybe it'll actually happen one day lmao



I didn't! Helppp. It's the con of being a lesbian u can never tellllll


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Ask if they have a crush, then who. Then you know! My crush got a girlfriend, so at least I know it would have worked.

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In 4th grade I had a crush on a boy named Charlie and now I don't bc I don't and it was awkward then a friend Eli asked "Hey cahrlei said he liked u do u like him" and I said yes and it was the best ship ever and then we stopped liking each other. Now u see him and I think both eww and why am I so weird followed by some well this is awkward



I love that soda!



Try not to explode (people don't like that on first dates for some reason)



I asked her if she wanted to join me camping (wasn’t a date, but she is my crush and we did have fun)


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