Give a reason as to why as well.


Salam Hayek would be nice for a coffee date.


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Is this Salma's lost twin brother? ;-)


Suppose not really a celebrity cause no one will know who the hell she is but....
Shiori Vitus, singer for gothic rock band, Eleanor..... Just to listen to her talk about her art, her influences, her songwriting, just everything..... And to express to her how much her songs have moved me...
( of course, all this would have to go through a translator, cause we don't speak the same language!! )



Dolly Parton



Stephen King or John Lennon



Taylor Swift



(get ready)

Dwayne johnson
Ryan reynolds
Andrew B. Bachelor
Steve Harvey
Vin Diesel
Johnny Depp
Keanu Reeves
Margot Robbie
Jason Statham
Megan Fox



jack stauber, the entirety of tall hall, or doja cat.


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Kit Connor, I would be chatting happily to him about Heartstopper and how I am a huge fan of his. He’s my celebrity crush, he’s so cute.



Robin Williams :(
RIP u were everything when I was a kid



ben schwartz, idk why. seems like a pretty cool guy and i like a lot of his work in the acting/voice acting feild. also he seems like a pretty fun guy



Either Brad Simpson or Tristan Evans. Both really hot British singers from the band 'The Vamps'. They both seem really nice.


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