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When I was around 9 or so, I got off the camp bus that dropped me off at Dunkin Donuts, where my mom was supposed to come get me in a few minutes. There were a bunch of old men in there, staring at me. I thought I was about to be kidnapped. I was seriously panicking, and I ended up asking a stranger at a table with a kid if I could use her phone to call my mom. She let me, and stayed until she got there. But at the time, I was terrified.


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You were very brave and wise to go to a Mom for help.


When I was about five or six I was playing on my driveway with my neighbors (who were ages 8 and 10 at the time). I live in a (relatively) safe neighborhood, so we didn't have any adult supervision. We were taking turns riding my bike in the driveway. When it was my turn, my neighbors kind of hid in the shade because it was a 90 degree summer day in the middle of the afternoon. So anyways, I rode my bike down the driveway, and when I was about halfway down a black van with heavily tinted windows pulled into my driveway. My five-year-old brain didn't sense danger, so I just assumed that they were making a u-turn or something. But then they started pulling into the driveway even more, until they were practically halfway up my driveway. By now my neighbors got concerned so they came out from the shade. The moment the driver saw my neighbors, they sped off.


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Thank goodness for neighbors that care. I too have a story like yours and thanks to a neighbor, I'm here to type this!


When I was about 9 or 10 and my sister was 5 we used to share a room. We had bunk beds, and one night she was sleeping with me instead of in her own bed. After she fell asleep I got up to play a game I don't remember what game it was, but as soon as I got the game loaded my sister woke up. Her eyes were closed as if she was asleep, and she said, "Lily wants to play too." I didn't think anything of it because Lily was her dolls name (a cabbage patch doll from a thrift store.) I laid her back down and when I went back to the game her doll fell off of her bunk bed.



When I was at Girl Scout camp when I was 8 or 9, we were staying in the treehouses (elevated cabins). It was LATE, and we were all trying to go to bed, but someone kept knocking on our door. Every time we got up to check, no one was there. A few hours later, the counselors summoned us all to the unit shelter to make someone fess up for doing it. Someone knocked on the unit shelter door, and the girl next to it opened it immediately, and no one was there.

The unit shelter has windows all around the room, there is no way anyone could've gotten to the door without being seen, even though it was pitch black, since there were floodlights under the overhang. It was like 3 am, so it's entirely possible I hallucinated this, but everyone started screaming and we all slept in the shelter that night lol



When I was 9, I convinced my mum to let me go on a short bike ride alone in our neighborhood. I was just driving two streets down, so she agreed. When I was going around a sharp turn, I was approached by this car driven by a rather suspicious-looking teenage boy. He kept following me and staring at me, so I started panicking. I biked as fast as I could go to get back to my house. The second I pulled into my driveway, where my mum was waiting for me, the car sped off in the opposite direction.


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He was giving me a really weird half-smile half-smirk look...


once I had a tamagotchi. the new ones with no features or anything just basic. it was asleep, it alr made all the beeps it needed to until 9 am. it was the rabbit. and my bro had a duck so it wakes up at 8 30 and so I expected no sound but as I'm falling asleep I hear the wake up beep. mine is asleep my brothers is asleep and my dad has 2 but he's at work. so I think my tama can use Morse and is trying to warn me of impending apocalypse.



High school. Still going through it



Just a few days ago my sister, cousin, and I were sitting in the car while our aunt went to go get something from the post office and she left us in the car (the car was on and the keys were inside if anything happened.) the windows were tinted black, and from the outside you couldn't see in. A malnourished guy and woman walked up to the car, peered in and started jiggling the door handles, and they got the driver side door open. My cousin screamed like someone was trying to kill her and they ran away. If she didn't scream idk what would've happened to us.


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another story was playing mc and not sure if its vanilla but found a broken ender pearl and the name was bugging out. so with morbid curiosity I threw it and it made a haunting noise and tp'd me to the nether.



I eated an apple 😱😱😱😱💀💀


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