Is there a recently released song that you are really digging?


Maneskin. They are from Italy. Their music is nostalgic but fresh.



Here's another one of my top ten lists, songs from the last two years that I like and haven't mentioned on BP yet:

"One Step To Heaven" by The Beauty of Gemina
"Darwin's Eden" by A Projection
"Drive (Ash Code Remix" by Wires & Lights
"I Thought I Understood" by The Underground Youth
"Skin In the Game" Slowdive
"Harmageddon" by La Scaltra
"Infinite Love" by Cerulean Veins
"Twioys" - by A Day In Venice
"Arrive Somewhere" by Solar Fake
"Trois Points de Suture" by Les Anges De La Nuit



Well, here's some very weird and random songs I been getting into lately :
"Things were better in the 80s" by Dead Sheeran
"F*ck sh*t up" by Dub Narcotic Sound System
"Alte weisse frau, bitte schon!" by Berliner Doom
"Veganer Softrock" by Berliner Doom
"I hope you die" by Molly Nilsson
"Sugartown" by Sh*tkid
"Animal liberation" by Coatl
"We pursue the serpent of time" by Downfall of Gaia
"Ulvinde" by Myrkur.....

And most important of all.....
"Like Suicide" (soundgarden cover) by Darkher
( I've waited so long for something new from her and this doesn't disappoint!!! )



Ashnikko and Maneskin



Honey (Are You Coming?) by Maneskin. Also all of their stuff in general, plus Dove Cameron and like Lez Be Honest said, Ashnikko



I love Citizen Soldiers latest song, Alone With Myself. I’ve also really been into the sad, depressing songs but as nightcore.



The song that inspired this post is Candy Apple by Teenage Joans, but I'm also really enjoying Gretta Ray's new album.



- jack stauber
- doja cat
- tally hall
- miracle musical
- labrinth
- crystal castles
- joey valance and brae
- 21 pilots
- Juice wrld

yea, i know my music taste is all over the place 💀💀💀


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Looks like we have some overlap in tastes


I Can See You (Taylor’s Version)(From The Vault)


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I love that song so much! It's always getting stuck in my head lol


Im ngl im super excited for Olivias new album, me, my friends, and my brother are tooootal simps for her lmao


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Tally hall’s The bidding.



Its not new but the songs i have only started listening to, "World is Mine" from Vocaloid and "Insane" from Hazbin Hotel

"Hey! Sorry, but you just got in my way
I promise, honey, I can feel your pain
And maybe I enjoy it just a little bit, does that make me insane?" Such a good song



Ok so my friend has been obsessed with shininigwa (I'm so sorry I know thats spelled wrong) and I am too, Paint the town red by doja cat even tho she's a horrible person, and tbh kpop ain't that bad either. (Also fromy bestie)


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